Be Within, Stay Above


This “pocket size”size book is a real source of inspiration for Noahides. It is based on the teachings and wisdom of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneerson, compiled and condensed by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman.

Excerpt: “The times in which our generation live are not ordinary times. We dwell on the interface of two worlds: A world as it is and a world as it is meant to be.
Everything is in place, all the infrastructure to bind the world as one, the technology by which all of humanity can share deep wisdom, to grasp the secret of oneness with the human mind. The stage is set. All that’s left is for us to open our eyes.”



The world is a parable, two stories at once, one layered beneath the other.
On the outside, it is the story of a brute called Reality, a bloodless monster hosting an army of fiends, beasts, lunacy and, worst of all, futility.
On the inside, it is a story of its own Author with you alone, in eternal love, and every challenge of this adventure just another expression of that love, drawing the two of you yet closer.

The world is a parable, a story on two channels at once.
On which channel do you choose to spend your precious time?

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