Together, let's Help the Growth of the Indian Noahide Communitie!

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Knowledge is the pillar of a stable future. From Jerusalem we provide them the educational support based on the Seven Universal Principles of Ethics from Torah for Humanity. 

What they Currently Have

  • There are currently 2 Communities and 2 Study Groups:
    The Beth-El Noahide Society in Andra Pradesh, Visakhapatnan,
  • The Leader of the Beth-El Noahide Society is Ovadiah (Ravi Kumar) and he directs the community in study, prayer, celebrations and much more!
  • They have 2 Divine Code Books.
  • They have 35 Prayer Booklets.
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What the Noahide Academy Provides

  • We provide Books on the Noahide Code, Universal Ethics, Philosophy and Prayer Booklets for individuals and communal prayers.
  • We provide the online courses.
  • Leadership Programs.
  • Educational Programs for women and children.
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What They Need Today

  • 50 Divine Code books in the value of $1000
  • 100 Prayer Booklets in the value of $1535
  • 10 Online Courses for 1 year in the value of $1800
  • 1 year Coffee and Cake for the Center in the value of $1800
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Donations Made Already

  • Graig Raymond from the US donated $100 for 25 Prayer Booklets
  • Maia Batiancilla from the Philippines donated $70 for 3 Books.
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Donate what you Can

  • $29 to give 1 Course to 1 person
  • $30 to send 1 Book of the Divine Code.
  • $50 to send Coffee and Cake for 1 month.
  • $65 to send them 10 Prayer Booklets.
  • $250 to send them 10 Books of the divine Code.
  • Or any other amount of your choice in order to help them with their needs!
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Your donation gives us the flexibility to provide people in India with educational programs of the highest standards directly from Israel.

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