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Discover and Study the Noahide Code

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Course 1: The Original Divine Revelation


The basic foundation and the first principle of faith is to know that there is a Primary Being who brought all existence into being....


Course 2: The Authentic Torah Guidelines for Everyone


Practical examples will be given on shabbat, charity, kosher and circumcision and what is the Noahide relation to these commandments.


Course 3: Prayer According to Torah


During this course you will learn all about the religious parameters regarding Bnei Noah's responsibility towards God and one's fellow man.


Course 4: How to Bless God


In this course, we'll learn the fundamentals of the Torah laws of blessings to God for partaking of food and drinks, as well as on the refinement...


Annual Noahide Conference In Jerusalem

June 21-25 / 2020

What the Rabbis Say

Let's Accelerate Redemption through Torah Study


Rabbi Shimon D. Cowen

Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization
“The world is becoming a better place, thanks to the wide access to knowledge. But not because of just any knowledge; what makes the world better is knowledge of the Universal Code of Ethics for humanity that is expounded here in our online courses.”
Assi Harel

Rabbi Assi Harel

Rabbi at the Academy
“It is my priviledge to able to teach Noahides the profound ideas in 'The Gate of Unity and Faith' by the Admour HaZaken. It allows us to experience, once a week, a higher perspective on G-d's master plan for creation.”

Rabbi Moshe Perets

Executive Director
“The original universal Divine Guideline for life, entrusted to the Jewish People, has now been made accessible to you here, through our online courses.”

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

Author of the Divine Code
“With the help of God and the study of the authentic Noahide Code, we will perfect the world. We will then be able to create the conditions for a redeemed reality.”

Rabbi Yitzchok Dubovik

Rabbi at the Academy
“I love teaching Noahides about what God expects from them according to His Torah. They are sincere in their search for spiritual truth. And this is what God wants from us: to live a truthful life.”
Dr Schulman

Dr. Michael Schulman

Director of Ask Noah International
“Prophecies of the Hebrew Bible are becoming a reality. The Torah's Noahide Code is being brought from here to all mankind, through which every person can actualize the Divine Image within himself.”