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What is the Noahide Code?

Seven Keys for the Fulfillment of Human Potential.

Purpose of Creation?

To Live and Develop Healthy Relationships Between Human Beings.

What Is Real Free Choice?

When One Chooses theTruth.

International Noahide Conference In Jerusalem

June 24-28 / 2018

What the Rabbis Say

Let's Accelerate Redemption through Torah Study


Rabbi Shimon D. Cowen

Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization
“ The world is becoming a better place, thanks to the access to knowledge. And not any knowledge nut the knowledge of the Universal Code of Ethics wich the Creator of the Universe entrusted the Jewish People to teach to Gentiles and allow them to participate in an active way to the fulfillment of the Redemption. Mays we merit to see it speedy in our days.”
Assi Harel

Rabbi Assi Harel

Rabbi at the Academy
“ Being able to teach Noahides  the profound ideas of the Gate of Unity and Faith of the Admour Hazaken, allows us to experience, once a week, a higher perspective on G-ds master plan for creation.”

Rabbi Moshe Perets

Executive Director
“ The Noahide Academy Online is the best way to progress on your personal growth as a Noahide. It will allow you to learn at your own pace and to be constantly updated on what's going on through the World Noahide Community . We are eager to teach and guide more and more until the complete redemption with Mashiach tzidkenou. ”

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

Author of the Divine Code
“ With the help of G-d and the study of the Noahide Code we will repair the world and human relations. We will be able then to create together the conditions so Mashiach may reveal himself.”

Rabbi Ytshak Dubovik

Rabbi at the Academy
“ I love giving the sunday live classes to the Noahides from all over the world. They are sincere and truthful in their research for truth. And this is what HaSHem Wants: for us to live a truthful life.”
Dr Schulman

Dr. Michael Schulman

Director of Ask Noah International
“I am very happy to see that our efforts for so many years, in building the correct foundation for the Noahide movement and reaching out to Noahides worldwide, are coming to fruition and being made more widely accessible through the NCLI Academy. The Rebbe's prophetic call for faithful Jews to teach the Torah's Noahide Code to all mankind is becoming actualized right before our eyes!” - Director of Ask Noah International.