Together, let's Improve the Brazilian Noahide Community!

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Knowledge is the pillar of a stable future. From Jerusalem we provide them the educational support based on the Seven Universal Principles of Ethics. 

What they Currently Have

  • They have a permanent room in Porto Alegre for study, prayers and celebrations.
  • Rabbi Shmuel Benjamini provides the teaching and guidance in coordination
    with the Noahide Academy.
  • They have 30 mins every day: Study of the Jewish Bible and Service of G-d.
  • Once a week study on the laws of the Noahide Code,
    and the subject of Mashiach and Redemption

What the Noahide Academy Provides

  • We provide the educational programs: online and in-loco.
  • We provide structured guidelines for the establishment of the Noahide Community.
  • We provide programs for for women and children.
  • We provide various books on the Torah Universal Code of Ethics for humanity.
  • We provide Leadership Programs.
  • We provide conferences in Brazil and Israel.

What They Need Today

  • 87 Divine Code books in the value of $1825
  • 173 Prayer Booklets in the value of $989
  • 17 Online Courses for 1 year in the value of $3550
  • 1 year food for bi-weekly meetings in the value of $600
  • Grand Total for the Brazilian Noahide Community: $6964
Estado da Paraiba, Junho de 2002 - Criancas brincam em frente a escola, em zona rural do estado da Paraiba, durante documentacao do Plano das Aguas, Meio Ambiente, Gestao e Infra-estrutura do Estado. (Foto - Eraldo Peres/Photo Agencia).

Donations Made Already

  • Dario MacDonald donated $50 for 2 weeks cake and coffee
    for the study sessions.
  • Annet Bowman donated $65 for 10 Prayer Booklets
  • Anonymous benefactor donated $100 for the activities
    of the community
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Donate what you Can

  • $8 to offer 1 Prayer Booklet
  • $29 to give 1 Course to 1 person
  • $30 to send 1 Book of the Divine Code.
  • $50 to send Coffee and Cake for 1 month.
  • $65 to send them 10 Prayer Booklets.
  • $250 to send them 10 Books of the divine Code.
  • Or any other amount of your choice in order to help them with their needs!

Your donation gives us the flexibility to provide people in Brazil with educational programs of the highest standards directly from Israel.

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