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Knowledge is the pillar of a stable future. From Jerusalem we provide them with the educational support based on the Seven Universal Principles of Ethics. 

What they Currently Have

  • They have 8 Noahide Community Centers:
    1. Tema new-town community Greater Accra Region 2. Madina (Greater Accra region) 3. Dansoman (Greater Accra region) 4. Nungua (Greater Accra region but ) 5. Winniba (central region) 6. Mankessim (central region) 7. Assin fosu (central region) and 8. Assin kushea (central region).
  • They have 55 Prayer Booklets.
  • They have 4 Divine Code Books.

What the Noahide Academy Provides

  • We provide Books on the Noahide Code, Universal Ethics, Philosophy and Prayer Booklets for individuals and communal prayers.
  • We provide the online courses.
  • Leadership Programs.
  • Educational Programs for women and children.

What They Need Today

  • 200 Divine Code books in the value of $3,000
  • 500 Prayer Booklets in the value of $1,950
  • 40 Online Courses for 1 year in the value of $7,200
  • 1 year Coffee and Cake for Regional Meetings $1,800
  • 1 support for  8 local leaders to teach on schools $2,400
  • Total of: $16,350 for 1 year support of the Ghananian Noahides.

Donations Already Made

  • Leen Ay from the Philippines: $75 for Prayer Booklets;
  • Darleen Ly from USA: $65 for 10 Prayer Booklets;
  • William Borocci from Vancouver, Canada donated $20 for a Divine Code Book.
  • And another 3 anonymous Donors who Donated $ 195 for 30 Prayer Booklets.

Donate What You Can!

  • $29 to give 1 Course to 1 person for 1 year.
  • $30 to send 1 Book of the Divine Code.
  • $50 to send Coffee and Cake for 1 month.
  • $65 to send them 10 Prayer Booklets.
  • $250 to send them 10 Books of the Divine Code.
  • Or any other amount of your choice in order to help them with their needs!

Your donation gives us the flexibility to provide people in Ghana with educational programs of the highest standards directly from Israel.

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