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The Divine Code is the Noahide Code, a destination of convergent histories. This book contains the laws and their explanations given by G-d to Moses in the Torah at Mount Sinai (2448 of Creation /1312 B.C.E.) to be transmitted to all mankind.
There are the two intersecting vectors of the image of God within creation, and they are forever joined at a single point of unity, which is the simultaneously transcendent and indwelling Unity of God. This point of unity is not easily seen or felt, and that has been the case throughout most of the tumultuous history of the world. However, at one place, at one time, this point of unity was revealed, openly and miraculously, by our Creator Himself. He chose this in His wisdom, so that all of His children, the human race, could know and believe, remember and take it to heart, until the arrival of the Messianic Era.

New Limited Edition
Paperback / English / 622 pages.
Author: Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

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The Divine Code - Book of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws

The Introduction explains the Torah basis for the Noahide Code, and for outreach to Gentiles regarding this Divinely ordained righteous path.

Part I covers principles of the monotheistic faith, the Divine rewards that Gentiles may earn by observing the Noahide Code, and practical guides to subjects of primary importance in daily life - Torah study, daily blessings and prayers, moral imperatives, and returning to the righteous path.

Parts II-IV cover the prohibitions of idolatry and blasphemy, and the prohibitions associated with causing unnecessary pain to living creatures.

Parts V-VII cover the prohibitions of murder and injury, forbidden sexual relations, and theft.



Part I. Fundamentals of  Faith (9 chapters)

Part II. The Unity of God - Prohibition of Idolatry (12 chapters)

Part III. Honoring God - Prohibition of Blasphemy (4 chapters)

Part IV. Respecting Nature -  Prohibition of Eating Meat that was Separated from a Living Animal (9 chapters)

Part V. Respect for Life - Prohibition of Murder and Injury (9 chapters)

Part VI. Respect for Family and Social Relations - Prohibition of Forbidden Relations (7 chapters)

Part VII-A. Respect for commercial transactions -  Prohibition of Theft (Part A) (12 chapters)

Rabbi Moshe Weiner talks about the Divine Code Book.


English translation of “Sheva Mitzvot HaShem,” Volumes I and II (in Hebrew).
Editor: Dr. Michael Schulman, Ph.D.
Basic translation by Rabbi Yosef Schulman.
Published September, 20’17, by Ask Noah International. Printed and distributed by the Noahide Academy. 

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3 reviews for The Divine Code L.Ed

  1. Its the best book for Noahides to know exactly how to serve G-d, and fulfill our purpose in life!

  2. I ordered this book and in 2 weeks I got it in the US! I was so happy to FINALLY have if in my hands! Its really for me the expression of what I was wating for such a long time: a clear ordered study on what G-d actually expects from Me!!!!
    I recommend it to everybody! Read it, study it!
    I even organized a discussion with friends over the topic of prayer in my house last week!
    Just seeing new blessings in my life!

  3. Is there any Russian edition to the book?
    I would be very glad to buy one.

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